We believe that these 10 Commandments are the most critical tools for excellence. They are the foundation of our program.

Work one step at a time and you will see that even the toughest questions can be understood and answered.
Learn to skip a question that is not unlocking itself to you. Come back to it later, and the window will be open!
These tests measure your ability to concentrate intensely for a long period of time. Build your muscles of concentration.
Empower yourself! It takes courage and practice but this is the key to success on the test and beyond!
A great tutor sees the SAT or ACT as a critical opportunity for real growth in the student’s ability to read, think, and concentrate.
The best way to not sink in the ocean of the standardized test is to build a solid boat to float upon.
Standardized tests have as much to do with anxiety as they do with intelligence. Discover where your anxiety is coming from and how to overcome it.
Better breathing is the key to great focus, concentration and thinking power.
All the information you need is right in front of you! Put your concentration on the page, on the words, and on reading those words clearly.
Being active is the key to all effective learning. So, be active... we’ll show you how.