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GREAT Coaches who are Creative and Caring

At Satellite, we work from the premise that when a student begins with us, he or she already possesses the intelligence to succeed on the SAT, ACT and beyond. Every student has an inborn intelligence that is beyond his or her expectations. However, obstacles such as anxiety, ineffective test taking habits and low confidence block the way. A test prep coach’s job is to create the conditions where these obstacles can be overcome and natural ability can awaken and thrive. The big standardized tests require a good deal of knowledge which can be taught in traditional ways, but success also demands a few other important qualities: confidence, discipline, flexibility, and freedom. Satellite coaches are not traditional teachers or tutors. They are experienced, dynamic individuals who know how to enliven their students and bring them closer to their potential as test takers for life. But don’t take my word for it. Ask us for references, and hear directly from past students and parents just what makes Satellite Test Prep worth your time and money.


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Drew Valins

Drew Valins has been helping students prepare for standardized tests for the past 17 years. Drew graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with focuses in French, Theater, and Pre Medicine, and then received a MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Since 2004, Drew has been living in New York City where he spends his time pursuing his two passions: Acting and Coaching.

Read Drew's "Letter to Parents"


BEN SYVERSEN: SAT, ACT, GRE, Math, Physics, English

Ben is from Concord, MA, Graduate from Indiana University in Mathematics and Jazz Music/Trumpet studies. He has been coaching for the past 12 years. Ben has worked with students at some of New York City's top high schools and colleges including Collegiate, Saint Ann's, Brearley, Stuyvesant, Packer, Friends Seminary, Avenues, and New York University. Many of his students have gone on to study at highly selective universities including Brown, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon.  As a tutor, Ben excels at explaining difficult concepts in ways that are clear and intuitive. Combining a relaxed, conversational attitude with a careful attention to detail, Ben helps his students develop a clearheaded and confident approach to subjects and tests that initially seem stressful and overwhelming.


MITCH LERNER: SAT, ACT, Academic Tutoring in All Subjects

Graduate of Northwestern University, Coaching for 7 years: “My goal is to get students excited about the work. I talk with my students about how their subjects are applied in life outside of school, and why what they’re learning is actually cool. I help lead them to their own conclusions by asking questions, employing the Socratic method, and triggering their own curiosity. A student’s reluctance to work sometimes is understandable, so I push with commiseration and humor. I talk with the student, not just to them. This dialogue produces better work, better grades, and happier students.”


ASA MERRITT: SAT, ACT, Academic Math, Writing Coach                                                                                              

Graduate of Columbia University and the CUNY School of Journalism. Asa is a multimedia journalist and playwright.