Test Prep


With Satellite's master coaches, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and that your child is receiving the best possible test prep on the market. Our coaches have that essential "left/right” balance (TM). The one-on-one nature of coaching allows for remarkable transformations often in short periods of time. A coach provides guidance and support so that you can get straight to your problem areas and see strong growth in a matter of weeks. You’ll achieve your testing goals and grow as a thinker and performer on the way! As a matter of fact, a not very well known aspect of test prep is that suddenly, your child is working one-on-one with a motivating and bright coach who is not only addressing the actual testing goals, but is also nurturing and supporting your child’s innate potential to learn, think, and perform in all academic areas! Many students report that by working with a test prep coach, they notice overall changes in their academic work, a change in attitude, more confidence, less resistance, more ease, better time management, and a sense that subjects that were once very challenging, are becoming clearer.


Test Taking is a Balancing Act:
You’ve got to have the muscle and you’ve got to have the finesse.
You’ve got to know your stuff (like math formulas, grammar rules, and vocabulary words). 
But you also need things like concentration, endurance, strategy, and technique.

Satellite coaches embody balance in their lives and in their teaching.
They are smart, successful, proven, caring, fun, creative and heartfelt.
They know what it takes to be an effective thinker under pressure. 
They will teach you everything you need to know, they will show you how to use it, and they will keep things human.
Furthermore, they understand the landscape that you are entering, and will serve as a key ally in your corner as you navigate the test taking universe as it relates to whatever testing goals you might have.


  • Consultation: A free phone call where we will discuss your child as a student, a person, and address college and testing goals
  • Sessions: Once you are matched with a coach, you will set up your 1.5 hour weekly sessions 
  • Skype: If you live outside of NYC, don't worry: You will still benefit from our fantastic team via the miracle of Skype
  • Pricing: Each coach's rate depends on experience and results. Rates will be discussed during the phone consultation. Satellite coaches all work on a sliding scale. 
  • Results: Expect success. Our students do the work to meet and exceed their testing goals!