Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about Drew's mission for Satellite Prep, read Drew's Letter To Parents here. For more questions, read below!


I’m a parent and I have some questions!

QUESTION: Does Online Tutoring actually work? How can you connect with my kid if you aren’t in the room??

ANSWER: Believe it or not, it does! Take us up on our free ONLINE “meet and greet” session to see how it can work for you.

QUESTION: How do I know how much test prep coaching I’m supposed to do?

ANSWER: This is a great question because you don’t want to get drawn into a long and endless process. That’s why we’ll discuss goals and target testing dates so you’ll know the score before your commit. On average, we recommend 8-12 sessions to reach maximum potential.

QUESTION: There are so many options! How do I choose a company to work with?

ANSWER: Great coaching is all about the coach! Make sure you are working with a highly qualified, experienced coach who knows how to be a human being. Intellectually smart people are not always emotionally intelligent. You want your child to work with a coach who possesses that essential right/left balance! 

QUESTION: When should my child start doing test prep?

ANSWER: The best time to start is at least 3 months before the first SAT or ACT. Don’t wait until two weeks before!

QUESTION: Khan Academy is Free. Shouldn’t I just do that? Why should I pay for test prep?

ANSWER: Khan Academy is a wonderful and effective tool. But a tool requires a hand and often students simply don’t use it because they have enough on their plates with school. A coach will offer guidance, direction and inspiration so that the right work gets done in the right way!


I’m a student, and I have some concerns, too!

QUESTION: I’m too busy! How am I supposed to do test prep on top of all my school work?!!!

ANSWER: Don’t sweat. We get it, you’ve got a lot of work! We’re going to work with you to manage your time, so you can fit your test prep work into your busy life. Many students actually come to enjoy working with us. Hard to believe, I know. 

QUESTION: My schedule keeps changing with all my extra-curricular activities. I can’t commit to the same time every week.

 ANSWER: We know all about it. That’s why we are flexible with our scheduling process. No hard commitments more than a week in advance, unless you prefer it that way.

QUESTION: I don’t want some weird dude coming to my house.

ANSWER: Agreed. No weird dudes are going to come to your house. Most students these days are digging Skype because it allows for flexibility in scheduling.

QUESTION: I want to get a great score. What should I do?

ANSWER: The fact that you want it is more than half the battle. If you have a lot of drive and your eye is on the prize, your coach will help you steer your way to victory. You drive, we steer. Get it?